500 arcticcat snopro

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One of arcticats racing sleds for 2013 is  the new arcticcat snopro.It competes with the polaris iqrr .This sled has a 500 cc engine with aws zero 3 fox suspension and the track is a hack saw.This sled cost $$ 8,795.This sled is used for racing,trail riding .Some of the accessories are a sport bumper,tunnnel bag,handle bar bag,and  hand guards. It also comes with a tether switch to shut off the sled if  you get separated from the sled.


renegade 800 backcountry

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This sled is skidoo that’s built on a rev xp platform.It has a 800 e tech engine.This sled costs $13.o99 This sled track has a one in a courter inch lug this is a good size lug for deep snow or on the trail.This is a fun sled for going on and off trail also in the back country it had followed the rmks and the summits.This sled comes with lots of accessories like hand guards and a tunnel bag and stuff like that .This sled is very good for boon docking in the deep powder. The sled is also very easy to wheelie in the snow and on hard pack

X Games, sno cross

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This will be a very cool thing to watch with sleds doing all sorts of racing.They also have a compition for speed,style and competition which means four people will win at the x games.This will last three days From January 24, 27.There are many name brands of sleds competing which are Articcat,Polaris and skidoo. The people who will be competing for speed and style are ,Cory davis, Lee lavalee, heath frisby, Joe parsons.Some of theses people are in the slednecks movies which is really cool because they get to drive sleds all the time and be filmed.Theses people will compete for one prize which is a trophy,and money.

articcat procross f 800 rr

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This sled has a 794 cc liquid cooled engine in it which is very fast. It is equipped with fox zero x piggy back shoxs which are adjustable  This sled is designed for racing and going on and off trail.This sled also has ca pro skis which are a very strong ski.The colours are white,green ,black which look good together.This sled is a very cool looking sled.This is also available with a 1100 turbo.This sled is built to compete with the 800 Skidoo xrs which is a nice looking sled also.This sled comes with a tether switch and a 5.5 inch handle bar riser.This sled is a very nice sled with lots of options like higher wind shield, hand guards and much more.

about me

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My name is Lyndon and some of the things I like to do is go biking and we like to  hit jumps because it is so much fun. The bike i ride is a 2012  Norco havoc  which is a dirt jumper,street bike.I usaully go biking almost every day unless its winter or its raining. In the winter I like to go skidooing  on the lakes  like squall or I just stay on snow lake we usually get in a big group to go out for the day to ride.Snow lake is a very good place to go ride at


The person who is most like me

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I think that bradenc. is most like me because we both like call of duty games because they are really fun to play on play on a play station three.I like to do this because it lets you meet new people on line that play it too   We also like two and a half men which is a really funny show.We both don’t play any type of instrument and he also likes to hang out with friends too. but some of the things we do are different and that’s ok.